Application for Kyoto Filmmakers Lab 2015 open from July 28th

By:   August 11, 2015

Kyoto Filmmakers Lab 2015 is a filmmaker’s development camp for young filmmakers. This program will provide the opportunity to meet out standing filmmakers from both Japan and all over the world and the experience of samurai epic filmmaking. 

1512450_808928685819772_6388867281981509380_n-300x212In the seven-year history of Kyoto Filmmakers Lab, a total of 139 participants from 37 countries, selected from 615 applicants from 81 countries, have experienced filmmaking in Kyoto.

Selected young filmmakers from all over the world will create three-minute short samurai films using the open sets in Toei Studios Kyoto and Shochiku Kyoto Studios. An authentic traditional Jidaigeki-making experience is provided, using almost the same facilities for feature filmmaking, including JIDAIGEKI permanent sets, props, lighting, and costuming. Screenplays will be invited for entry from the participants in advance, and 2 screenplays among them will be selected by the Lab staff. Participants will be divided into 2 groups, the Toei and Shochiku teams, and each team will work together from scenario development to post-production, with production support by supervisors and professional staff from the studios (This program we held in English.)


For example, 147 applicants from 44 countries applied from online application in last year. As a result of selection, 20 participants who are directors, producers, scriptwriters, cinematographers and animators from 12 countries such as Japan, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Denmark, Romania, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Spain, USA and England were selected. The 4 days program was held from December 15th to December 18th, 2014 in Toei Studios Kyoto and Shochiku Studios. First day is for pre-production meeting, second and third day is for shooting, and the last day is for screening the scenes. Throughout the program, Film director, Shigeru Ishihara and Sword Action specialist, Toshio Sugawara supervised Hands-on “Jidaigeki”. Also, the sword’s action lecture was presented by Toei Tsurugikai. Participants stayed all together in same guesthouses during the program and they experienced

10348613_836260123086628_6369138335112476913_n-300x198Japanese custom like SENTO(public bath) . Furthermore, participants attended film screenings and seminars of an epic film festival “HISTORICA” participated to Kyoto Film Pitching as a joint program and it was optional. *This is the last year’s report. The supervisors and workshop schedule may change in this year.

This year, we are excited to deliver edgy lectures in collaboration with Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), the largest film festival in Japan, in addition to our signature Jidaigeki making workshop. We hope that this program will be a meaningful opportunity for aspiring filmmakers in this ever-changing visual arts world.

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Submission deadline is September 18th.