Catherine Zeta-Jones always wanted the title of M.D.

By: Izumi Hasegawa   February 8, 2013

Playing a psychiatrist in her new film, Side Effects, was a dream come true for Catherine Zeta-Jones.

This is probably the hardest movie to discuss to all you people because any given moment we could reveal the wonderful plot and the twists and turns which occur throughout the movie. For me playing a doctor, let’s just put it that I try to be as professional on the outset as one would think all good doctors are but my character lies much deeper and the relationship between Jude and myself and Rooney and myself run much deeper than your first impression of me as a doctor would be. I’m actually thrilled that Steven cast me as a doctor because I never went to college and I always wanted an MD after my name. I’m really quite flattered that you fulfilled my mother’s dream.