Colin Farrell: “Some characters stay with me.”

By: Izumi Hasegawa   March 6, 2013

“Dead Man Down” star Colin Farrell gave us his thoughts about previous roles:

“Horrible Bosses” wasn’t hard to let go of. Just take the bald cap off and that’s it. “Fright Night” wasn’t really hard. Some of them stay with you more than others for sure. “Alexander” stayed with me, I nearly lost my mind in that one. This one, some of them.  Some characters I find you get tired of playing sooner than others and you get to an understanding of what the character is at whatever stage that you do. I don’t think you walk into a film and begin a film as an actor and you completely understand a character. You understand a version and hopefully have a keen concept of what the character is but until you start really living in front of the camera, you don’t really garner the world of the character. And some guys like this guy, after six weeks I was like, oh fuck, I get it. It’s two hours and you go – oh yeah- but on week six it’s all so heavy. That’s the worst part of my job.