Harrison Ford interview from “Ender’s Game”

By: Izumi Hasegawa   November 5, 2013

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In our WhatsUpHollywood.com video interview with Harrison Ford, the legendary star takes us behind the scenes of his page-to-screen effort, Ender’s Game. The Star Wars actor addresses some of the themes of the story and why they inspired him to come back to the world of sci-fi.

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In this WhatsUpHollywood.com interview with Harrison Ford, he reveals what’s so amazing about his Ender’s Game co-star Asa Butterfield and the stunning advancements in special effects since his time filming Star Wars.

Interview 03
WhatsUpHollywood.com interviewed Harrison Ford about his film Ender’s Game and the star told us how much he enjoyed working with co-stars Ben Kingsley and Viola Davis. What attracts the legendary actor to certain roles and what does he look for in scripts?

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WhatsUpHollywood.com interviewed Ender’s Game star Harrison Ford on what it means to be an icon and he chats about some of his films, including American Graffiti. The actor also has some advice for those aspiring to get started in the film business.