Jackie Chan video interview from “Chinese Zodiac”

By: Izumi Hasegawa   October 28, 2013

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In our WhatsUpHollywood.com video interview with Jackie Chan, the legendary action star tells us all about his film Chinese Zodiac and what made him decide to direct the film. Also important to the actor is the message that his films bring to the audience, which has evolved over the years as the star has grown.

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WhatsUpHollywood.com interviewed Jackie Chan for Chinese Zodiac, and the star talked about the international feel of his film, from the diverse cast to the locale. And what about those rumors that this is his last “big” film?

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WhatsUpHollywood.com interviewed with Jackie Chan for his film Chinese Zodiac. Chan shared his thoughts on being an aging action star in Hollywood and what the future might hold for him as far as computer graphics. Also, the superstar discusses being typecast in Hollywood versus the different roles that he gets in his homeland.

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WhatsUpHollywood.com interviewed Chinese Zodiac star Jackie Chan and asked him about the challenges of filming and directing such a complex action movie. Does the veteran action star still get nervous while pulling off his amazing stunts? The star also gets nostalgic on how he’ll be remembered.