“Jug Face” trailer is chilling

By: Ricky Mora   June 28, 2013

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An eerie and mysterious ritual surrounding a pit and a ceramic jug head look to be red flags for a young teenage girl (Lauren Ashley Carter). Glimpses of a possible pregnancy and the strict customs of a backwoods community likely only heighten the stakes for her as well.

It is usually a bad sign if the need to scream arises, especially in a horror film… If somebody screams in the woods, does anyone hear it? I guess we will find out, because there is a fair share of screams in this trailer, along with a haunting voice-over at the start of it describing this mysterious pit, “It’s an honor to be chosen.” (To a pit? I’m not too sure.) And ending with the line, “The pit wants what it wants.” Some sort of entity this pit has become, making this film worth a few more questions and that much more interesting.0015634-300x168

And of course, it takes place in the woods with rolled back white eyes, a creepy community living in the backwoods, and some mysterious ceramic jug in the shape of a face being the calling cards for the horror film in this trailer.

Written and directed by Chad Crawford Kinkle, Jug Face is hitting theaters August 9th.