“Million Dollar Arm” press conference with Jon Hamm & Lake Bell

By: Izumi Hasegawa   May 5, 2014

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In our videos of the Million Dollar Arm press conference, stars Jon Hamm and Lake Bell tell us all about their new film which is based on a true story. While Hamm is clearly proud of the film and discusses why he felt compelled to tackle the role, Bell chimes in about what she did to inhabit her character.

Interview 02
In our second clip, Bell and Hamm discuss really working together for the first time and the challenges of portraying real-life people. How does this movie stand apart from others? Hamm fills us in.

Interview 03
And finally, Bell — not a big baseball fan — tells why other people who might not be sports fans will appreciate this film for its heart. Then both Bell and Hamm get personal about their relationships and how they relate to Million Dollar Arm.