“Money Monster” Starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts is the boogyman that invest on your realistic fears of losing it all

By: WhatsUpHollywood.com   May 16, 2016

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As the old saying goes, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket; unfortunately investor Kyle Budwell (Played by Jack O’Connell) didn’t head that warning and loses all his eggs based off a stock tip from television financial guru, Lee Gates (Played by George Clooney).

Saturated in regret and desperation, Budwell single handedly takes over the television studio where Gates’ show Money Monster is broadcast and takes Gates hostage. As Gates tries to plead with Kyle, he’s also using an earpiece to communicate with his longtime producer  Patty (Played by Julia Roberts) who is in the control room.  Together, they must figure out a way to defuse the situation and disarm the angry young man in a scenario that is all to possible in real life which creates an intensity that is palpable.

In our interview Clooney shares why Money Monster is a relatable storyline,  while Roberts explores her enthusiasm of what she liked best playing Patty and why she thrived under the stress. The film is directed by Hollywood vet, Jodie Foster who also seems to feed off of the potency of stress she created and what audiences are in store for.


Money Monster opens in theatres nationwide today