Noomi Rapace, “F**k the beauty”

By: Izumi Hasegawa   March 6, 2013

Star of Dead Man Down, Noomi Rapace, is also famous for playing Lisbeth Salander from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, talked about beauty from her experiences portraying Lisbeth and Beatrice (her character in Dead Man Down.), who has many scars in her face.

I think all of my characters are still with me because they were always – all of them are different versions of me. So I still have them in me and sometimes I can feel like, with all the beauty things in this world and especially with Beatrice. You see that she’s living. She’s caught up in that, her life and women all over the world, it’s so important to be beautiful. People expect you to look in a specific way, to dress in a certain way and all that. So I think it’s easy and also for young girls today, it’s so toxic in a way.

Sometimes I can feel also in my business, in the film industry, it’s just like “Oh f**k, it’s not about beauty.” That’s very much Lisbeth. I just want to scream and say, “F**k the beauty! It’s all about life. I want to be a person.” I’m not here to be likable or to be sexy. If I’m doing that, if it’s needed in the character I can do it but it can’t be the main goal. Lisbeth has been fighting against that her whole life. It’s like, I’m a person. She’s even dressing like a boy in a way and she’s been fighting as a boy. So sometimes so I can feel like oh God, this is so boring. It’s in such a low level that beauty is just one aspect. But if that’s everything, it’s just too stupid.