“RoboCop” press conference video with cast and director

By: Izumi Hasegawa   February 13, 2014

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Check out our WhatsUpHollywood.com video of the RoboCop press conference where Joel Kinnaman talks about his initial reluctance to take on the legendary role in the remake of the 1987 film. What persuaded him to change his mind? Plus, what did Kinnaman have to say about his RoboCop suit?

RoboCop’s onscreen wife is played by star Abbie Cornish, who talks about the importance of family and a home life in the reboot. And finally, Michael Keaton chimes in on the challenges of wearing a suit on film — which the former Batman might know a thing or two about!

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Director Jose Padilha delves deeper into his remake of RoboCop while veteran actor Gary Oldman talks about his onscreen relationship with the man in the suit and how it compares to a certain famous character — Frankenstein. Michael Keaton gives us even more about wearing the Batsuit too! (Warning: The above video contains expletives.)

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Abbie Cornish reveals what attracted her to the project and what she did to prepare while Michael Keaton tells us how he really feels about director Jose Padilha! The director was clearly proud about his talented cast and shares his enthusiasm. RoboCop himself, Joel Kinnaman, chimes in on working with some of the legendary actors in the film. Plus, how did the new RoboCop honor the previous version and how did they decide which lines to recycle?