Theo James from “Divergent” kisses and tells in our video interview

By: Izumi Hasegawa   March 20, 2014

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British actor Theo James is about to hit the big time with the film Divergent, in which he plays Four. Watch our video interviews where he chats about everything from filming intimate scenes with Shailene Woodley and what he loved about working with her to the creative atmosphere director Neil Burger fostered on set.

Interview 02
In part two of our video interviews, Theo James chats stunts (and kissing Shailene Woodley!) and shooting the Ferris wheel scene, plus what it was like working with Veronica Roth, the author of the blockbuster young adult book series.

Interview 03
Divergent‘s Theo James gets philosophical about fame and the possibility of superstardom that could come with this film in our third video interview. What does he have in common with Four? And what insights does he share about his character and the film’s messages?

Interview 04
Lastly, Theo James talks about ways the cast kicked back on set and his onscreen relationship with both Shailene Woodley and co-star Jai Courtney. (Warning: The above video contains expletives.)