Amanda Seyfried had a different relationship with mom from “Lovelace”

By: Izumi Hasegawa   August 9, 2013

In Lovelace, Amanda Seyfried played Linda Lovelace who had a difficult relationship with her mother. Even throughout domestic violence, her mother kept saying, “Obey your husband,” which was her biggest advice to her. However, Amanda herself has a great bond with her own mom. What did she learn from her mom?

“What did I learn from my mother? I have a great mom. Me, as Amanda, I have a great mom. My mother is amazingly supportive and very, very open-minded and liberal. I mean, she just wants me to live every moment of my life and find happiness and find peace in myself and find my identity. Her advice always came from that place, from that foundation. In terms of sex and love, I think, I’m more open than she probably would like me to be sometimes because she worries about me. She’s very protective, but I feel a hundred percent comfortable telling her everything that I think and feel and do. And that’s good. She must have been really great to make me that comfortable, even though I feel like my parents weren’t affectionate for some weird reason. I don’t know how I turned out to be so affectionate myself. She did something right to make me feel so comfortable and so open.”