“Before We Go” star and director Chris Evans says directorial experience was “really eye-opening”

By: Izumi Hasegawa   September 4, 2015

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Chris Evans, a.k.a. Captain America, challenged himself with his directorial debut while also playing the leading actor in Before We Go. This Before Sunrise-ish film is beautifully shot, and Chris has great chemistry with Alice Eve whose character Brooke is trapped in New York for the night.

For the first question, I asked Chris what he discovered about his acting while wearing the director’s hat. And will that have any influence on his next film?

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I asked Chris and Alice about their worst audition experiences. Plus, how do they prepare for auditions? Nick (Chris’ character in the film) keeps saying he has an audition on the very next day in the film but he stays up all night with Brooke.

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In this third clip, Chris talks about playing the trumpet in the film since Nick is a trumpet player. Can Chris himself actually play?

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And lastly, Chris talks about how his career as a Marvel hero has affected his directorial debut.

Before We Go opens in theaters and VOD on September 4th.