“Diana” Teaser: The Princess and the Camera

By: Dustin Kidd   June 16, 2013

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In this teaser trailer for the film Diana, Naomi Watts (Mulholland Dr., The Ring) stars as the titular Lady Diana.  While the teaser mainly focuses on Diana’s relationship with the media, you can catch some glimpses of her humanitarian work with the Red Cross.  Don’t blink, or you’ll miss him, but it’s nice to see Naveen Andrews (“Lost”, The English Patient) up on the big screen again, this time as Dr. Hasnat Khan, the heart surgeon with whom she had a love affair.

This trailer does an exceptionally effective job of conveying the gradual escalation of camera coverage of Diana’s life and how her reaction to it changed.  There is a natural easiness with the camera at first, as she walks towards them and even poses for shots.  However, as the numbers increase, and constant paparazzi coverage becomes more invasive, she desperately attempts to flee from the ever-present eye of the camera.  In fact, the only real sounds in this trailer, aside from the soundtrack and some crowd noises, are the sounds of camera shutters.

Diana will be released in theaters in Fall 2013.