Director, Quentin Tarantino Talks “The Hateful Eight” and the Secret of Why He Chose to Film in 70mm

By:   December 21, 2015

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In true Quentin Tarantino fashion his new film, The Hateful Eight  was shot in a format that has not been done in over 40 years-70 mm filming. The film itself was shot in 65mm — with Ultra Panavision 70 lenses that had not been used since the ‘60s. Tarintino’s reason? “It is one of the most dynamic and beautiful looking formats there is.” Check out the interview where Tarintino goes on to explain how shooting in 70mm allows movie goers a more intimate experience with the characters.

Kurt Russell and Samuel L. Jackson also give fans a peek into their unique characters and the iconic western that promises to be “different and dangerous”.  The Hateful Eight opens Christmas Day.