Ed Harris from “Snowpiercer” gives advice for young actors

By: Izumi Hasegawa   June 27, 2014

SNOWPIERCER_1-300x199Ed Harris plays Wilford in Snowpiercer, who invented the eternal engine for the train and became the king of the world. Ed said his character Wilford is like Oz, the wizard. What attracted him to join this project? And he has a scene where he cooks for Chris Evans’ character (serving pork chops). Is he good at cooking in real life? Also, he gave us his advice for young actors.

Q: What attracted you to join this project?

When I was sent this script, I was told director Bong’s a Korean director. He’s made some other films. I had never seen any of them. I think the first film that they sent me was The Host, which totally blew me away. Then I watched, I think it was Mother second, and then I watched Memories of Murder, all of which I thought were wonderfully accomplished films, which really made me want to work with the guy. I would have played any role if he’d asked me just because I really appreciated his work. But the fact that he wanted me to play this guy who’s kind of talked about through the whole film, who’s kind of the Wizard of Oz behind a curtain or whatever, that had some attraction to me and it was interesting to try to kind of fulfill something that director Bong wanted. It’s so built up who this guy is and then there’s this big thing open and he’s just this kind of old guy making dinner with his robe on [laughs]. Director Bong really wanted him to be kind of matter of fact and very mundane and simple, kind of freaky that way.

SNOWPIERCER_8-300x199Q: How good at cooking are you if you had to survive on the train?

I can make a damn pork chop [laughs]. My best dish is lasagna actually which I do a couple times a year [laughs]. My wife wishes I cooked a little bit more often. But I can put a frozen pizza in the oven. I make a good salad.

Q: Can you give advice for young actors who want to work?

It’s about growing up as a human being. It’s about paying attention to the world around you. And it’s about wanting to get better at your craft, not wanting to be a star. It’s really about if you want to be an actor it’s just about becoming the best actor you can be. And if that means if you need to be studying with somebody, if you need to be doing theater, if you need to be doing vocal work, if you need to be doing physical work, if you need to be doing emotional work, whatever it might be. It’s a way of life. It’s a commitment to that. A lot of actors they stop learning. They just try to get work. To me, if you get good enough, somebody will find you. You don’t even need to be here in L.A. You can be anywhere. If you really get great at what you’re doing, somebody’s going to pay attention.

Snowpiercer opens in theaters June 27th.