Ethan Hawke in a Race against Time in “Getaway”

By: Dustin Kidd   June 20, 2013

In the new trailer for Getaway,  Ethan Hawke stars as Brent Magna, a racecar driver whose wife gets kidnapped by a mysterious man. Communicating via cell phone and keeping tabs on Magna with cameras inside the Mustang he is using, this man uses Magna’s wife as collateral to get him to cooperate on some unknown mission. Increasing police presence makes this more difficult, and Selena Gomez’s sudden appearance as the owner of the car Magna is being ordered to use throws an added wrinkle into the situation.

Explosions, crashes, destruction and overall mayhem are generously spread throughout this trailer, and the mystery man’s countdown at the end is successful in showing how the tension will most likely ratchet up over the course of the film. What is the purpose to all this, will Magna be able to save his wife in time, and most of all, just how far can Selena Gomez stretch her acting range? You’ll have to watch to find out.

(SPOILER ALERT!!!  I could have sworn that our mystery man sounded like Carl Reiner, but Warner Brothers has revealed him to be Jon Voight.)

Getaway  screeches into theaters August 30th.