Trine Dyrholm, Danish actress, talked about working with James Bond!

By: Matthew Spector   May 25, 2013

In the new movie, Love is All You Need, Trine Dyrholm plays a hairdresser already suffering from cancer that finds out her husband also has been having an affair. She travels to Italy for her daughter’s wedding where she meets a widower, played by Pierce Bronson, and a new relationship begins. We asked Trine if the title of film held special meaning for her.

“Is love all we need? Oh, definitely. I think we need love. And love is many different things, as you can see in this film. I love the message that in the end, it’s not how many years you get; it’s what you get out of those years. I mean, they just met and it’s that fact that they just met and that they go together is what counts, not how many years they end up having.

Co-star Pierce Bronsan has publicly dealt with the pain of becoming a widower when his first wife, Cassandra Harris, lost her fight with cancer and passed in 1991. Due to the sensitive nature of the material, we wondered if Trine was imitated to work alongside someone who has such a personal attachment to the story.

“It is quite close to me as well. I have family and close friends who experience cancer as well. So I think a lot of people are touched by that subject. Of course, when you share something as actors, and you play together, you always play with respect. I just tried to portrait this lady as good as I could do.

I had to meet him at our first reading; we were sitting like this, at a round table. I was reading a script. He was so generous, he suddenly grabbed my arm and looked in my eyes and said some of the lines. Inviting me in. Showing me we were together in this game and it really helped me a lot. So I relaxed completely and I just realized how a wonderful man he is.