Alexander Skarsgård shares his perspective on his new role in “Disconnect”

By: Matthew Spector   April 12, 2013

Traditionally focusing his lens on the real world, director Henry Alex Rubin’s new film, “Disconnect”, is his first attempt at narrative fiction, but with a story based on very real issues occurring in our modern times. “Disconnect” is a tense thriller that showcases several individuals attempts to stay connected and the unintended consequences when the virtual worlds of family, friends, and strangers collide. Alexander Skarsgård, of “True Blood” fame, points out that main purpose of the film is to tell a very human story.

“Our storyline had nothing to do with the Internet. The problems that Cindy and Derek are going through are not related. I mean, not Internet related. It’s a guy with PTSD. They lost a kid, and he doesn’t want to talk about it. That’s the issue. The Internet for them is an escape because it’s complicated, and it hurts. And it’s messy to actually sit down with your wife or your husband and talk about real issues. It’s a lot easier to just open your computer and play poker. So that’s what it is. It’s an escape, but that’s not the root of the problem here.”

Skarsgård is no stranger to taking on characters that undergo changes. He talks about how the role of ‘Derek’ evolves, turning something very negative into a positive.

“I saw for Derek, the internet theft almost as a blessing in disguise. I think up until that point, he has no control. He’s conflicted because he’s a warrior. He’s a hero and he wants that. And now he’s a paper pushing grunt, and there’s so much guilt there and so much pride. He doesn’t want to talk to anyone about it. He can’t do that. So I think the moment of you talking about taking control is when this horrible thing happens. They get all their money-not that they have a lot-but the money that they have stolen, and he’s back. I think that’s the moment where he’s like, taken control again. He’s suddenly a Marine again. He’s on a mission. He’s going to do some serious reconnaissance here. He’s going to track this guy down, and suddenly, he’s got a mission. And I think there’s a spark. Something happens that Cindy can see in his eyes, that for the first time he’s actually alive in a long time, right?”