Ellen Page identifies with her character Izzy from “The East”

By: Izumi Hasegawa   June 13, 2013

Ellen Page plays a very active member of The East which is a guerilla activity group in the film The East. She is from Canada but her character Izzy is not such a foreign concept to her.

I completely understood her anger and sadness in regards to her more personal story and connection and journey with it and loved getting to explore it. I had an experience where I studied perma-culture design and eco-village development in Oregon when I was twenty-two maybe. It’s not exactly the same but I met a lot of people through that who were freegans and anarchists and had a very similar way of thought and living and were immersed in that way of living. I was sort of already familiar with the aesthetic and vibe and a lot of the philosophy. It was a matter of reading some really compelling anarchist manifestos and most importantly connecting with Izzy.


Ok, we could not help asking her about X-Men. She will be back! Did she know that?

I was super surprised. I did not think that I was gonna come back again. It was great! The cast that I got to work with and X-Men 3 and this whole new cast that’s so incredible. I didn’t work with Bryan [Singer] before – that was the Brett Ratner one. So working with Bryan was great. It’s been awesome – really great.


Source: HollywoodNewsWire.net