Imogen Poots from “Need For Speed” video interview

By: Izumi Hasegawa   March 14, 2014

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British actress Imogen Poots fills us in on all things Need for Speed in this video interview. In her new car-racing flick, the actress didn’t have too much time behind the wheel and she tells us the surprising reason why. However, Imogen sure enjoyed the action alongside her co-star, Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul. Besides praising her collaborators, Imogen also has much to say about costumes, working with guys on a testosterone-filled set and getting to use her accent in the film.

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In our second Imogen Poots interview, the actress talks about getting up to speed on cars and shares some of her favorite things. Plus, how exactly did she pull off some of those amazing stunts in Need for Speed and what did she learn on set? Find out in our video!