Rinse and Repeat-The Barbershop Crew is Back for “Barbershop: The Next Cut”

By: WhatsUpHollywood.com   April 15, 2016

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Its been twelve years since the last time we all hung out with Calvin, Eddie, and the rest of Barbershop crew (11 years since we were in the Beauty Shop); and there have been a few changes.

Calvin (Played by Ice Cube) and Angie (Regina Hall) have merged the barbershop and beauty salon into one business as a way to survive harsh economic times. While the days of male bonding are gone, Eddie (Cedric the Entertainer) and the crew must now contend with sassy female co-workers and spirited clientele. As the battle of the sexes rages on, a different kind of conflict has taken over Chicago. Crime and gangs are on the rise, leaving Calvin worried about the fate of his son and motivating the Barbershop family to come together and bring some much needed change to their neighborhood.

Check out our interview with Ice Cube and Common who share what makes the Barbershop films so unique and Nicki Minaj (who plays Draya) lays down the comedy gauntlet that the funniest men on the planet are in this movie.

Barbershop: The Next Cut opens today in theatres nationwide.