Sexy star in “Addicted” William Levy, a.k.a. the “Latin Brad Pitt,” is proud of his work but he doesn’t want his mom to see this film

By: Izumi Hasegawa   October 8, 2014

William Levy, who is called the “Latin Brad Pitt,” transformed his career from Dancing with the Stars to film star of Addicted which is based on the same name book by Zane. He plays sexy handsome artist Quinton. We can see his beautiful abs and romantic eyes in this film, so I bet all straight women instantly dive into the fantasy to enjoy. How did William prepare for his role? How was the filming of the steamy scenes? Did he invite his mom to the set or a screening? And what is his “toy”? He answered all!

01-44-12-19-300x162Q: How did you prepare physically for this film?

Every time you have a movie like this, you’ve got to stay in shape. But beyond that, you have such a great story. You had a line to follow too. It’s beyond being sexy. It’s beyond looking good. That’s what’s great about this movie. It’s about this woman who’s given herself to her addictions and to her temptations. And she ends up really pretty much putting herself and her family in danger. It’s a great point of showing how being addicted to something can be dangerous.

01-31-19-01-300x162Q: What was it like filming the steamy scenes?

It’s an erotic steamy movie. You need that kind of stuff. When we mention erotic, it’s not only showing skin, it’s what they talk about, how they do it and how we as men in the movie have got to be different from each other because at the end she was looking for different things in one of them. She couldn’t find everything in one so it’s kind of a problem. That’s why you have to have that kind of communication with your husband. “Baby, if you’re not doing this, you’ve got to do it.”

AD_D07_01118-300x199Q: Did you bring your mom to the set?

No, I didn’t bring my mom to the set. No, I actually don’t want my mom seeing me doing this. It was going to be very awkward having my mom looking at me spanking a woman. [Laughs] I don’t think that would be a good picture.


Q: Did you do any research as an artist for this role?

Yeah, of course. First of all, I had to know who Zane was. I mean, I knew who Zane was but not about this specific book. So I wanted to do some research about it and not really read it because I didn’t want to compare the book to the movie. You do have to know what a guy like Quinton goes through. You need to understand that — a guy like him that loses his mom when he was little, who his dad kills himself after a year because he couldn’t keep up with that. He’s spent his life by himself. He grows up and the way he thinks, the way he lives his life, the way he’s sensitive to love and towards women, you’ve got to know, you’ve got to really understand this man from the bottom to be able to give him life. Of course, you’ve got to do some research. Then, I’m not used to reacting the way this character reacts at the end of the movie. I’m not like that at all. You’ve got to thank God.

AD_D04_00695_693_R-300x211Q: What kind of “toys” do you have?

My toys are very unique. I’m just kidding. I love cars. I really love cars. I’ve got all kinds of sports memorabilia, all that has to do with sports. I love sports. I really love sports so I’m into that a lot.

Addicted opens in theaters on October 10th.